SVIAZ/EXPO COMM MOSCOW 2008, May 12 - 16, 2008 Krasnaya Presnya Fairgrounds Moscow

2008-4-17 10:19:42
 Russia's Telecommunications/IT Market Exceeds the $20 Billion Mark

The Russian telecommunications industry is reaping the benefits of a successful restructuring effort within the sector, the recent passage of new telecommunications laws, and rapidly increasing capitalization of traditional fixed line regional carriers. The development of mobile communications, new generation services and IP telephony has also been among the most successful in terms of annual growth. An expanding consumer income base, political and economic stability, as well as growing foreign investments have all contributed to the increased growth of telecommunications and Internet services in Russia.

Foreign Firms Achieve 60% Market Share

SVIAZ/EXPO COMM MOSCOW is at the center of this technology rich environment. Russia currently spends more than $2.5 billion annually on telecommunications equipment yet imports of foreign-made products account for 60% of the equipment market. During the last event, more than 80,000 attendees came from Russia and throughout the CIS to see the latest products and services from the world's leading telecommunications/IT technology suppliers. SVIAZ/EXPO COMM MOSCOW 2008 is the internationally recognized promotional platform to conduct these multi-million dollar purchasing deals.

SVIAZ/EXPO COMM MOSCOW: Russia's Buyers Are Waiting to See You!

The primary user groups of telecommunications equipment and services in Russia include a corporate sector of domestic Russian and international corporations which are involved in telecommunications services as well as leading enterprise firms that have major telecommunications needs such as oil and gas companies, banks, and manufacturing firms. Within the public sector, Russia's various federal and municipal government departments and agencies are key buyers. There is also a growing sector of residential subscribers.

Modern Networks for Moscow

The Moscow city government approved a program for modernization of the city's telephone network for the period 2004 to 2012. The $1.6 billion program is aimed at full scale modernization of existing switches and the installation of new switches. The local carrier MGTS plans to boost installations of digital xDSL modems and optical and Ethernet-based broadband access solutions while Russia's three major cellular operators, MTS, Vimpelcom and Megafon, are investing in developing new GPRS services. These operators will purchase the switching technology that they need at SVIAZ/EXPO COMM MOSCOW 2008.

Internet Access Expands to 15 Million Subscribers

At the start of the year in 2006, Internet usage in Russia had increased by 40% to a nationwide total of 15 million subscribers. The delivery of wireless Internet services is another initiative to deploy advanced technology. Internet service providers in Russia utilize both land based and satellite platforms that cover the greater Moscow and St. Petersburg regions. These developments are in keeping with the Russian government's e-Russia Program. A series of e-Russia Seminar Programs will be held at SVIAZ/EXPO COMM MOSCOW 2008 as part of a multi-billion dollar initiative for the promotion, education and development of Internet use and e-commerce in Russia.

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