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    3G|HD|SD-SDI compatible SFPs

    TINOUT range of optical video SFPs are designed for CWDM applications.
    The range of dual transmitters and transceivers supports all 18 channels of CWDM as well as low cost 13T. The dual receivers and transceivers are available with both long haul and short haul receiver optics.
    The devices are designed to handle pathological signals appearing in both 3G|HD|SD-SDI formats without penality in optical performance.

    These SFPs are pluggable devices that enable easy exchange and upgrade of optical ports to Tinout's Flashlink, Flashlink Compact and VikinX Sublime Optical product ranges.

    • Flashlink
    • Flashlink Compact
    • Vikinx Sublime
    Key Features:
    • Dual transmitters and receivers
    • Supporting all 18 CWDM channels
    • 3G/HD/SD-SDI support
    • -30dBm and -20dBm receivers
    • Pathological compliance
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