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    TINOUT China factory made 10G SFP+ DWDM 80km SMF, MSA CH21-59,
    1560.61nm, 1559.79nm, 1558.98nm, 1558.17nm, 1557.36nm, 1556.55nm, 1555.75nm, 1554.94nm, 1554.13nm, 1553.33nm, 1552.52nm, 1551.72nm, 1550.92nm, 1550.12nm, 1549.32nm, 1548.51nm, 1547.72nm, 1546.12nm, 1545.32nm, 1544.53nm, 1543.73nm, 1542.94nm, 1542.14nm, 1541.35nm, 1540.56nm, 1539.77nm, 1538.98nm, 1538.19nm, 1537.40nm, 1536.61nm, 1535.82nm, 1535.04nm, 1534.25nm, 1533.47nm, 1532.68nm, 1531.90nm, 1531.90nm, 1531.12nm, 1530.33nm, DDM/DOM optical transceiver module, good price, 3year warranty, 

    compatible with CISCO,H3C, HUAWEI,ALCATEL, JUNIPER, EXTREME etc. The product is RoHS compliant and lead-free.

    Form Factor SFP+
    Distance 80km 
    Protocol 10GBASE DWDM Ethernet 80km
    Data Rate (max) 10.5Gb/s
    Low End Case Temperature (∼C)  0∼C
    High End Case Temperature (∼C) 75∼C
    Diagnostics DDM/DOM
    Transmitter & Power Out EML,  Pout 0~3dB
    Receiver & Sense APD,  Pin -24~-7dBm
    Voltage Supply 3.3
    Connector LC Dulplex
    RoHS YES
    Certification CE FCC
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