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  • Loopback module in a QSFP form factor. The tinout QSFP loopback provides 4 pairs of transmit data channels connected to the corresponding receive channels. These data channels canoperate at transmissions speeds in excess of 10Gbps.
    In addition, this loopback records the number of cycles/insertions into a powered host and records that value at address 224-225 of the serial ID. 
    This product compliant with the QSFP MSA (SFF 8436). The tinout QSFP loopback provides a cost effective alternative to testing with optical links.

    • Customizable power consumption
    • Dual LED indicator
    • Custom Memory Maps
    • Built in diagnostic functions
    • Supports 40Gbps total data rate
    • Host-pluggable MSA footprint
    • Full SFF-8436 MSA Compliant
    • Temperature range from 0◦ to 80◦C
    • No reference clock required
    • Compliant with SONET, SDH, GBE, FC
    • MSA Compliant EEPROM
    • Economical QSFP/QSFP+ Port Testing
    • Custom Memory Maps
    • Board Level System Testing
    • Excellent Signal Integrity


    • QSFP Port/System Testing
    • ITU-T Recommendation G.957 (STM-1, 4 & 16)
    • Ethernet IEEE 802.3 (Gigabit, 10 Gigabit and 40 Gigabit Ethernet) 
    • SDR, DDR and QDR
    • SONET|SDH|GBE,FC Support,Infiniband


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